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Herbert Kentwell (Mosman) Since inception in 1923, the Kentwell Cup has been the pinnacle of Suburban Rugby. One of Suburban's two sterling silver Cups, the Kentwell Cup has great history and value. At the beginning of the 1923 season, W.H. Kentwell, president of the Mosman Rugby Club, presented the Kentwell Cup for perpetual competition in the second grade “B” division, or what was in fact the first grade of the non-district clubs at the time. Eight teams competed and, coincidentally, it was won by Mosman, with Hunters Hill the runners-up.


George Burke (Mosman)

The George Burke Memorial Cup was first presented by Mosman vice president Jas. A. Burke in 1924. It was won by Mosman in its inaugural year.



Horace Whiddon (Briars)

In 1933, Horace Whiddon presented the H.W. Whiddon Cup to the newly formed Metropolitan Sub-District Rugby Union (MSDRU) for the third grade sub-district competition.



Harold Judd     (North Cronulla)

In 1961 Harold Judd, patron of the North Cronulla Life Savers, presented to the MSDRU a new “H.A. Judd Cup” which became the fourth grade competition of the sub-district first division.



Manu Sutherland (Waverley) Introduced in 1983 to provide a competition for those clubs with additional players, the Sutherland Cup was formalised by the union from 1984, paving the way for the traditional four-team format in the Kentwell and Barraclough clubs to expand to fielding a fifth grade. Sutherland Cup results were then included in the Division One Club Championship from 1990.


David Barbour      (St Ives) Under 21 Colts in Division One have contetsted the Barbour Cup, named after former suburban administrator David Barbour, since 1990. The Barbour Cup was included in the Division One Club Championship in 1996.


Brent Halligan (SHOBS) Introduced in 1993, to again provide clubs with extra players the opportunity for a match, as the Sutherland Cup did in 1983. A total of 29 teams, including three teams from Colleagues, took part in the Halligan Cup competition in 2004.
Bruce Graham Shield


Bruce Graham (Chatswood)

Between 1921 and 1928 the Kentwell Cup premier team played the district reserve grade premier for the “second grade premiership”. In 1927, the Chatswood rugby club donated the Bruce Graham Shield for the winner of that contest.Since 1948, the Bruce Graham shield has been presented to the Division One Club Champions.


*Cup histories courtesy of "The Game for the Game Itself - The History of Sub-District Rugby in Sydney".

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